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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and LG G4 smart comparison



G4 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge of LG which adopts the edge design, and that's the model that have the Android phone system will be even more of comparison. Issue of comparison, can be divided into design, performance, to the camera.





Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

It is the most beautiful Android phone in the world. The advantages of the Galaxy s6 Edge is the design. Overwhelming hardware If you must leave, contrary to appearance, high-performance camera, clear display, wireless charging, it will be seen by looking at the new features such as Samsung page. Performance will also do unplug as much as it looks ?





Front and rear is made of shiny metal material. Glass is covered single further on the metal material. A grip feeling somewhat unstable and fingerprint remains too much. In addition, the back side, there is no display, becomes dirty with fingerprints. Also using a glass, it is sensitive to shock.

The side made a matte metal material. At the bottom it was organizing insulated wire and speakers, charging port, the sound I/O port. It looks similar to iPhone 6, but well see, the port of shape and position of insulated wire are different. Especially, such as the number of speaker holes are different. 


It is a little different to show similar power button and volume control buttons on the left and right side as well. Essential charm of the Galaxy s6 Edge, exactly, are the curve display of the left and right sides. This curve display is removed  bezel. There is an effect that grip is improved at the time of replacing the screen to the left or right.




5.1 inches of screen shows the 577ppi of the resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. For reference , it's 1.5 times higher resolution than the iPhone 6. Also high-spec image in high resolution play smoothly. It is thanks to the 64-bit Exynos7 Octa 7420 processor and next-generation 3GB RAM. Most fast in the past Galaxy series. The recognition rate of the fingerprint sensor of the home button was also improved. It will release a high-speed lock without error.


Battery can not be replaced, but became a long time use than existing models. The efficiency of the battery is significantly higher than the smartphone of several classes. However, boast of a curved display of Galaxy s6 Edge, do not know its use. And rub the surface with a finger, the date and time, notification, information and the like are displayed. Of course , it is more convenient to press lightly on the home and power button. If you specify five of important contacts in different colors, if that comes a call from the person that has been set, there is also " people edge " features that the color is displayed on the light .



The official name of the display 's " Quad HD Super AMOLED ". Brilliant smart phone in this way, never seen. This more display sharpness was thought that it 's difficult to distinguish the human eye. The camera is also overwhelming. Projecting lens back of the product take photos with 16 million pixels.


To Galaxy s6 Edge is not completely in contact with the floor, why it is projecting lens. Little float from the floor. Aperture value is also in the smartphone to F1.9, is very bright performance. Thanks to the bright iris, it seems to have enabled the camera settings such as OUT FOCUS function. Using Sony's image sensor, it is easy to shoot an image of low light and high resolution. Optical Image Stabilization(OIS), quick camera to be used subject tracking auto focus, the Home button double- touch function is also very practical.





G4 is the most excellent smart phone cameras in the world. Bright aperture value of F1.8, 1,600 -megapixel rear camera, equipped with a front camera of 8 million pixels. Also display of the IPS system that supports QHD great.



Previous G Flex2, played a role that preach the benefits of the curved display. However, people still bent display advantages do not know what it is. Anyway G4 also it was bending lightly. Even though design called slim arc, it boasts a durability to absorb the shock. Of course, grip also feel good to be caught by hand. Just feeling like to firmly fit the hand to large screen of 5.5 inches is very stable.



G4 is evaluated as a relatively clear among the smartphone equipped with the Android system. UX 4.0 design was maintained sensibility code also good. What the design of the G4 is focused than is a very leather case. Thanks to the thickness of the plump leather, there is no prominent camera. Natural leather case was selection for premium image. The natural leather case is possible exchange of ceramic and the metal case. Design of leather, not the people of taste, I want you to look at as a new attempt of LG.


G4 is possible exchange of ceramic and the metal case



It has a most excellent performance in the LG smartphone. Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 may be a brain G4 is a 6-core 64 -bit. It is not the latest version. Still there is no impossible for the use of high -definition graphics games and apps. Was using the 3GB of RAM, but still it is not a new model. And G4, which have a high- specification, not the best performance in the Android product.


5.5 inches IPS quantum display also shows the 538ppi of the resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixels. It is very good, but missing slightly than competitor's product. However, G4 is able to complement these missing portions are to keep the existing advantages. Battery of 3,000mAh is removable, it is generous and equipped with a micro SD slot to 32GB built-in memory.




The biggest advantage of the G4 is a camera. Brightness of F1.8 is the brightest aperture value in the Android mobile phone. No more bright aperture of Android mobile phone. The aperture value is low when the dark space, and has the advantage of being able to take bright and clear pictures. It is possible to take good pictures when you night photography. Also, G4 of the camera without distortion of color, to represent actually very similar colors. But that it is not so-called "water loss" color.



The G4 can use improved image stabilization, AF using a laser and the expert mode as DSLR. The front 8 million pixel camera, you can shoot even in operations spread holding the fist for "selfie", there is also Quick Shot to use Double- touch the button on the bottom rear.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and LG G4 smart comparison




Samsung Galaxy S6



Most beautiful Android phone in the world contains long lasting battery, clean the screen, contains the brilliant camera.

G4 of the camera with the brightest aperture value in the world , shows an accurate and attractive color.

Demerit points

UI design is still complex, photos of color is not a little bland.

Natural leather case. However, even excluding the leather case, G4 has a ceramic and metal case.


142.1×70.1×7.0mm, 5.1inch

148.9×76.1×9.8mm, 5.5inch





rear 16 million pixels, front  5 million pixels

rear 16 million pixels, front million pixels


Android 5.0 lollipop Android 5.1 lollipop


Real 64bit OCTA - Core, 3GB LPDDR4 Ram

Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor with X10 LTE, 3GB LPDDR3 Ram








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